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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

So, our property has this online social network that allows management to alert us to new events on property, announcements, if we have a package in the office and we can submit maintenance requests through it, as well. But each unit has their own profile, and you can add a photo, your birthday, your interests, etc and display your profile in the “My Neighbors” listing, like a phone book.

UH, NO THANKS. It’s apartment living, I’d like some semblance of privacy. I love where we live and I’ll happily smile and nod at a neighbor or wave or coo at their dog, but I don’t need to know that Kenneth and Oliver in Building 5 are wine enthusiasts in matching shirts who indulge in weekend thrifting when they’re not handcrafting leather jewelry (though I’ve probably seen them at Mo’s). I’m glad to see most of my fellow neighbors eschewed profile photos or even listing their profile altogether.

Unless you’re UPS, no one who sees me in my towel turban watering the plants on my patio needs to know my full name.

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  • 6/13/13 6:43 sizzle:

    I don’t know if I would fill out a profile either but it’s kind of nice if you live in a secure building to be able to see who else lives there in case of intruders. I always wanted to throw open house cocktail parties at the building I managed so folks could get to know one another. I figured if they knew each other they might be more likely to work out their own petty problems instead of complaining to me. My landlords said no to fraternizing but the new managers that took over for me have those kinds of parties because I gave them the idea. Ha.
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    • 6/13/13 9:29 Joelle:

      That’s a good point, Siz! It’s a fairly large complex here, but we’ve gotten to recognize a few of our neighbors. We wave and smile, but mostly I just want people to mind their own business and I’ll mind mine. And I think knowing each other better might make “resolving their differences” more intimidating, so they’d rather go through the office and complain anonymously. Like I just did about the little yappy white dog on the 3rd floor corner unit who barks for 30 minutes every time a leaf falls. :D

      We do have pool parties and bbq parties here about once a quarter, though!


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