Successfully Suck It: An Infographic Review

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The Success Indicator

The Success Indicator (found on Pinterest)

Infographics like this irk me. Who made this woman queen of who is and isn’t successful? Yes, many of the traits, characteristics and habits on the opposing sides are obvious — in essence: be positive, share your knowledge, don’t be an asshole and you can be successful. That’s not entirely true — I know some really positive, happy people who do nothing but lift others up, yet they aren’t necessarily successful. Of course, that depends on how you define success. The purpose of this infographic and the cheesy marketing book behind it has to do with becoming financially liberated, so I’m guessing they’re talking career and monetary success.

But also, it states really stupid things. Apparently, in order to be successful, you must “keep a journal”. Really? I’ve blogged on and off for 10 years, but I dislike most forms of journaling. I feel like, for me, it’s too “soft focus” and touchy-feely. I feel like I’m just talking to myself and I can do that without writing it down. And, apparently, unsuccessful people SAY they journal, but don’t. How the hell does she know? Who says they journal but don’t? In that case, they’d be unsuccessful because they’re a liar, not because they don’t journal.

Also, according to this broad, only unsuccessful people watch TV every day.  I’m really not a fan of the “I don’t watch TV” attitude that’s arisen in the last decade or so. Like it’s super uncool to watch TV, so therefore, you must be some slovenly, non-intellectual, unsuccessful lump.

Look, I admit, I watch some TV. Some may even say a lot of TV. I watch a couple/few hours every night, often while engaging in other things (like quality bunny time or tidying up or reading feeds or whatever). Sure, some of it is total trash-detachment television: fluff, mindless, ridiculous nothingness. It’s how I unwind. But a lot of it is smart programming: PBS, Science Channel, History (when they’re not showing Swamp People and shows about roadkill truckers or whatever). So the next person who gives me a snide “Oh, we don’t even own a TV” can sit on it, for all I care. Do what you want, don’t own a TV, don’t watch TV, only watch Dr. Who on Netflix, do whatever you want. But don’t condescend to me about it, hipster.

This infographic lady also says that successful people read every day. Mike would probably disagree with this one (he dislikes most leisure reading, it’s just not his bag), but I’m inclined to agree. I think it doesn’t necessarily matter what you read, it’s just important to read — to gain knowledge — and most of us do that every day, be it via blogs or HuffPo or something more high-brow. In the Internet Age, I think people are hard-pressed not to read every day. But her implication is that if you don’t throw your TV out the window and read Chaucer every night, you’re a sad, unsuccessful schmo.

I call bullshit. Besides, how successful can you be if you have time to sit around making infographics all day? Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot she doesn’t have a TV

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  • 5/11/13 9:54 taughnee:

    Two things.

    1) When I brag about not owning a television, it is because I hate our cable service provider up here in Alaska. I was paying something like $250/month for the bundled package for internet, phone and cable. When I unbundled, I felt liberated. So it’s like an “I don’t own a tv — I BEAT THE MAN, YEAH!” (albeit the man who now charges me $130 for just internet because I’m unbundled) rather than “I’m too smart for tv”… MOST people watch tv every day from what I can tell, so that part of the graphic makes no sense at all.

    2) A successful infographic uses visuals to clarify complex information and/or relationships and tell a story — all this does is make the information (basically, a list) very hard to read. Unsuccessful infographic.
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  • 5/13/13 4:28 ChariD:

    I agree with Taughnee; that damn thing is a mess and really annoying to attempt at reading. NO FLOW.

    The main thing to take away from it is that successful (happy) people are positive, grateful and sharing. Unsuccessful (unhappy) people are negative, jealous, and do not necessarily feel “entitled” per se, but they do feel they’re not getting their fair share and that someone is taking it from them.

    As far as money goes, there’s no way this piece of shite represents a financially successful person — they are SHARKS, I tell you. Do not swim with the financially successful people.
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