The Hell Out of Dodge

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Mikey and I bought a mold testing kit yesterday and set it in our bedroom/bathroom area. So far, there are tiny signs of mold growth in the petri dish, but despite their “as early as 48 hours” results, I half expected to wake up to tribbles with all the breathing problems we’re having in this apartment. We hate this place. Hate it. Hate it with the burning fire of a million suns.

But, regardless of the mold results… we’re moving!  Early next month, we’ll be comfortably ensconced in our new abode.  I gave our notice yesterday, though I don’t know for sure if they’re going to let us out of our lease or if we’ll have to fight the lease break fee. They’re pretty nice,  but I have a stack of ammo if they push me; I’m not worried about it.


The rent is high in this city — which is tough… at least for the more “luxury” apartments (which means just about anything built in the last 15 years with a W/D and amenities).  I could buy a house for the price we’re paying in rent, though it wouldn’t be as nice of a house as the new apartment. I figure if we can swing this rent for a year or so, we can afford to buy a house — like a financial responsibility test drive. Of course, this assuming the market doesn’t blow sky high and median home prices go to half a million dollars again.

You can rent places for less — even houses, but unfortunately, the houses tend to be on the tiny side (smaller than an apartment) or haven’t been updated since 1974. There are a few prospects out there that I’m going to take a peek at, but we’re comfortable with our choice of where to live. Some people may think it’s “uncool”, because our chosen area of town is kind of near some business parks, and it’s not much of a “neighborhood” vibe.  But it works for us — it’s close to mike’s work, it’s 5-10 minutes anywhere I want to go and the complex is really quiet since it’s near corporations. (Read: College kids don’t want to live there.)

Same square footage as our current place, but it’s utilized much more wisely… and built within the last decade. It’s a newer place — in fact, I used to live there before we moved to Nevada. This time we got a larger 2 bedroom unit and even though it’s north-facing, we get a lot of light, which we’re super happy about. And a washer & dryer — no more Stranger Pubes in the lint trap!

We get a view of the on-site dog park, which makes me happy and  there are a lot of sidewalks in the area for walking. Plus, they expanded their on-site gym with all new equipment and upgraded their pool area to include more bbqs and cabanas with free wifi and flatscreen TV’s.  I’ll be working from the pool this summer, by god! (though I’ll have to hide my adult beverages in a sippy cup or something — no booze or glass by the pool. Tres tragic!) Oh! And the best part — there’s no one above us or below us (just our garage), so we don’t have to worry about bothering anyone, really. (What with all the wild partying and Hip Hop Abs I do.)

It has it’s quirks, like any apartment, but after this joint, the new place might as well be Shangri La.  After this, I’m putting a moratorium on domicile bitchery — unless we have good cause. I don’t want to nitpick this new place, I just want to be happy… even if the fridge does open on the wrong side.

  • 3/13/13 14:54 Cath:

    Ha ha! I feel the same way about our fridge — and our dryer! Best wishes in your new place! :)


  • 3/13/13 15:31 Ms. Pants:

    Dude, you can take the fridge door off and put it back on the other side. You can do it on almost every fridge. (I did it on mine, we did it on Amy’s.) You just need a screwdriver and a little patience. Mike could probably do it in under half an hour. Who loves ya?! :-p

    Glad you’re getting a new place. xx


  • 3/13/13 17:11 the slackmistress:

    the slackmistress´s last post: Diane Sawyer Didn’t Say “Slackmistress.” YET.


    • 3/14/13 8:40 Joelle:

      Anyone bearing margaritas has an open invitation. ;)


  • 3/17/13 7:25 sizzle:

    I’m so glad you guys are moving. Stranger pubes? BARF.
    sizzle´s last post: The Karaoke Neighbors, Episode 1


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