Cable and the Cray Patio

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Marjorie, The Trash HeapI realize hoarding is not something to joke about, that it’s a real condition, etc. etc. That said, I think the woman currently living in our new apartment is a bona fide, crazypants, orange-peels-from-1987, jars-full-of-moldy-pork chops hoarder — at least based on her patio of overgrown houseplants and garden tchotchkes.

When I was touring our new property (which I’ve lived in before, if you recall), I passed by a second-floor unit that had a balcony so overloaded with succulents, hanging fuchsias, lawn jockeys, geraniums, garden gnomes and basically every weathered, foil-covered, potted plant you see when you enter a grocery store. Every one on the planet, stuffed into her 78 sq foot balcony. I couldn’t even see the front door. I thought to myself, “Damn, someone’s got issues.”

Cut to a week later when I bring Mike up there to look at floorplans and guess what? The next one coming up in our budget with the floorplan we want is that one… naturally. On my way out, it occurred to me that if this woman’s patio looks like that, I can’t fathom what must be going on inside. So I called the property manager to ask if the carpet was scheduled to be replaced because if her patio looks that insane, I’m picturing like, free-range chickens and a furry swingers club inside.

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much World’s Worst Tenants. (Oh my god, I love that show unabashedly.)

Anyway, the manager says, “Yes, that’s uh, how shall I put this?  That’s the only cray patio we have on the property.”  The fact that she said “cray” made me laugh, because she clearly relaxed enough with me to drop some of her “leasing office facade”), but she confirmed that yes, even though we’re renting a “Classic” unit and not a “Renovated” unit, we’d get new carpet.  And new sink fixtures because I casually mentioned that was the one thing I didn’t like about living there before were their wonky kitchen faucets.

The balcony lady gnawed at me, though. Something wasn’t sitting right. Sure enough, the tenant asked for an extension on her notice. Initially, she was supposed to move out on March 13th, but extended it to the 31st. If she’s got as much shit inside as she does on the patio, it doesn’t surprise me that she needs more time. I just hope that 5 days is enough time for the crew to flip our unit, especially if it does turn out to be a very special episode of Hoarders inside.  I guess all I can do is have faith they’ll make the apartment good as new or will fix whatever isn’t.  I’ve always loved living there before and their maintenance staff is awesome, so I’m trying to not sweat it.

So anyway, I called this past week to schedule the on/off of our utilities — gas & electric, mail, etc. But when I tried to schedule my cable transfer, I was told the current tenant hadn’t scheduled her shut-off yet, so they couldn’t schedule mine. Fine, fine.  So I called back at the end of the week, thinking “Ok, she’s moving out in a week, surely she’ll have done it by now.”  But nay, she had not. So I called the complex, asking if they could give her a courtesy call and they redirected me to their direct contact at the cable company.

The cable rep called the tenant, left a voicemail and sent an email asking her to please contact their office so they can schedule her shut off in order to accommodate the incoming tenant. Instead, the tenant emailed back and snidely (according to the rep) said, “I will be moving out on March 31 and I will call and schedule transfer of my service to my new address.”  That doesn’t really tell us anything, like when does she plan to schedule her transfer?  No one is asking her to turn it off today, just call to schedule it to be turned off.

The cable representative suggested, “If her patio is as cluttered as you say it is, maybe she’s just attached to her home and has problems letting go of things. So she wants to wait until the last minute.”

Because I am she of little faith, I think she’s just being a spiteful dick, waiting until the last minute because she knows someone wants to move in. Or perhaps she wanted to stay longer and they told her no, that her place had been re-rented, so now she’s blocking my cable appointment, stripping the copper pipes and taking a dump in the tub.

Now I definitely have been watching too much World’s Worst Tenants.

  • 3/26/13 16:13 Kathy:

    Its like when you are waiting for a parking space and the person in it knows, they take forever to pull out.

    (I will NOT make a sex joke. I will not make a sex joke. I will not make a sex joke.)
    Kathy´s last post: Easter Naturally


    • 3/27/13 14:38 Joelle:

      Like you can refrain from a sex joke.


  • 3/26/13 20:25 Laurie:

    I thought I was the only one who was addicted to World’s Worst Tenants. I love that show in a holy crap I can’t believe I’m watching this/that really happened kind of way.

    I went through a previous owners making things difficult before you moved in (add in crappy lawyers who didn’t do anything about the not fulfilling all the items in the contract), so I’m sending you happy moving in thoughts. :)


    • 3/27/13 12:30 Joelle:

      Did you see last night’s? I totally didn’t see that coming. So to speak.


  • 3/27/13 4:39 ChariD:

    THIS is why I sold my old duplex; I would get so stressed being a landlord. Having to completely re-paint and re-carpet the damn place every time a tenant moved out. I had to replace the damn kitchen floor once because they’d disconnected the ice-maker in the fridge and flooded underneath the floor. They didn’t know it until the floor started to buckle. Of course, they didn’t tell me until it came time to move out.

    Them taking a dump in the tub would have been a breath of fresh air (not literally… but still); at least I can just scoop the shit out and Clorox the thing to death.

    Good luck with getting dust-bunny lady out; I feel for you.
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    • 3/27/13 14:37 Joelle:

      Thanks! She’s supposed to move out on Sunday, so I’m going to call on Monday morning to make sure she’s out of there.


  • 4/8/13 10:32 sizzle:

    I did not know about this show. It might be too close to my apartment manager experience (and I think I was mostly lucky except for the Music Man).

    By now you’re all moved in and I hope there is no shred of her ever living there!
    sizzle´s last post: The Karaoke Neighbors: Episode 2


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