Aw, Snap

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

A while back, I mentioned that I frequently bust a rhyme. It’s not intentional or anything, it just happens. Some people couldn’t just let me go on being mellifluous and they had to point it out to me, so now I’m acutely aware every time I rhyme. Like right then.

One thing I’ve always been aware of, though, is that I snap. You heard it here first… unless you’ve ever danced in my vicinity.  And in that case, I can only hope whatever you heard was drowned out by the music.  Every so often, for no reason whatsoever, while dancing to upbeat music… I’ll snap.

I’m not talking about a “hey-girl-drag-queen-oh-no-she-di’int-3-in-a-Z”  kind of snap  or even the timeless ‘When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way” style.  This is just your garden-variety “I dance like a tool” sort of snap. I try not to call attention to it because whenever I do it, I immediately wonder if I dance like an old white dad.

I’m not a belly dancer. I don’t flamenco. There is absolutely no reason on this earth — other than the fact that I find freestyle dancing somewhat socially awkward and an act I do only after several somethings with rum in it — that I should snap.

You may be picturing some sort of Elaine Benes snap-kick-thumbjerk dance move, but I assure you it’s nothing so grotesque.  It’s usually just a passing movement, generally when my hands are “down low” and it’s totally involuntary.

It could be worse. There was that time I may or may not have walked like an Egyptian.

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  • 1/2/09 19:46 Phil Barron:

    Elaine Benes was the first thing that came to mind (shudder); thanks for clearing that up.

    So, uh, people don’t snap when they dance, generally? Sigh. I feel a wave of time-delayed (as in years) embarrassment washing over me…


  • 1/3/09 6:43 Molly:

    Hi! Thanks for the note!

    I find that I like to imitate the Elaine dance sometimes, ostensibly to mock it, but deep down it’s kind of fun to do…

    I don’t even want to think about the little quirks I engage in while dancing…This is a brave topic to broach! :)


  • 1/3/09 9:31 patois:

    I really believe a short video of you dancing (and snapping) would go a long way here.


  • 1/3/09 11:29 Kathy:

    Perhaps there is a Snap Rehab we could enroll you in?


  • 1/3/09 19:06 Deltus:

    Is it a double-snap, both hands together? Or is it a single-hand snap? Because the double-snap, although still not an A-list dance move, is more acceptable than the single-hand snap.


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