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Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Me n' LuluI’m still not entirely sure how I am now the loving owner of a mini Netherland Dwarf bunny when I wanted a dog. But, when your landlord won’t let you have a dog and you’re allergic to cats, this is what happens.  I went with mikey to the swap meet, of all places, and fell in love with this weensy little runt of a bunny.  She loves to sleep against my chest and make little bunny sighs and kick her feet as she dreams. She’s got the fluffiest little bunny tail and overall, while I’m still in a bit of shock that I own a rabbit (a rabbit, people! I own a rabbit! I told Ross just yesterday that I didn’t see myself ever owning a rabbit.  Who knew?), I’m really happy that she’s here.

And despite how cute Lulu is and how sweet she is and her little bunny feets, the best part thus far has been Kathy’s response via text when I told her that I just bought a rabbit.


New-ish in Lulu
  • 9/7/08 14:59 sizzle:

    How cute is she?! If I got a text from a friend saying they got a rabbit I would definitely think sex toy. Rabbits are great sex toys! wink


  • 9/7/08 15:44 Kathy:

    HAHAH..  oh my god she is CUTE. I want to play with your rabbit.  Yes.  Yes I do.


  • 9/7/08 15:57 Daniel:

    aaawww! So cute! And I think you can box train them… smile


  • 9/7/08 19:21 the slackmistress:


    She’s as cute as you are!


  • 9/7/08 19:49 Joelle:

    @slackmistress:  omg. *faints* I was hoping to avoid that.  wink I still can’t believe I own a rabbit; it’s totally not something I would ever have thought in a million years.  I’m not a guinea pig/rabbit/ferret sort of girl. But when she fell asleep on my chest and made little bunny dream sounds, I was a goner.

    And thank you!

    @Daniel: So they tell me!  In the habitat, no less. Her current cage was just to get her home. I’m going to be upgrading her to a bunny bungalow I’m making for her.

    I can’t believe I just said that. If I start sewing costumes or subscribing to Rabbit Fancy, please hold an intervention.


  • 9/7/08 21:15 Riika:

    Ohhh! So cute!! I love bunnies!! I have had two before.


  • 9/7/08 22:09 Karina:

    Unbelievable.  Just… I die.  I just die of cute right here.  I can’t believe how adorable that is!  Just seeing her little body tucked up against your chest — zomgdie! :D

    I can understand your issues, there, too.  I’m the momma of three cats—three! We were supposed to stop at two, but we adopted the middle girl out of a terrible situation—and a snake that sort of just… happened. “Merry Christmas, we have a snake. … Ohdeargod.”

    I think it’s precious.  Good for you!! I hope you enjoy her. And Lulu!  Too perfect.



  • 9/7/08 22:33 Janae:

    I hope you find that she has as much wonderful personality as my Sock rabbit did!  (Yes, her name was Sock)

    Bunnies make great pets, and they’re easy and so much fun.  She’s absolutely adorable, and oh so teensy!


  • 9/8/08 5:52 lani:

    Welcome, Lulu.  You’re beautiful.

    My husband says they had a rabbit growing up named Mrytle that had the run of the house.  Never in a cage.  Always pooped in the same corner in the basement, so they just put down newspapers on the cement floor there and it was all good.

    Also.  Cute, cute bunny!  wink


  • 9/8/08 13:16 Michelle:

    Hi, just read you got a bunny!  Congratulations!  I had one for about 5 years, but sadly he got very sick last summer and passed on.  They are wonderful pets – and can be litter box trained.  I also got mine by “accident” but what a happy accident.  Once he was trained, he pretty much had free-range of the house.  Be careful though, they love to chew electrical cords.  You can find more info here – I couldn’t believe there was an House Rabbit Society when I first got mine, but they actually have a lot of great info – very informative.  Have fun, and enjoy your new little bunny.  They are great fun and so lovable!  grin


  • 9/8/08 14:14 amy t.:

    This should tell you how much of a rabbit person I am.  I saw your flickr stream and did the standard “AWWWWW!” Now, though, every time I see one of these pictures all I can think about is how cute you look in those glasses.


  • 9/8/08 15:06 Atomic Bombshell:

    1) Hilarious text message. 2) CUTEST BUNNY EVER!!! You are one lucky broad. I’m allergic to cats and figured bunnies would make me all runny-nosed, too… If that’s not the case, I’m gonna check those out STAT.


  • 9/10/08 19:34 strayfarce:

    THAT is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen (apologies to my cat, whom I love very much).  And watching the video with her little nose…oh. my. goodness.  I turn into a complete blithering idiot.  smile And her name is perfect. smile



  • 9/10/08 23:55 Teak Furniture:

    What a beautiful bunny, her name is so cute.


  • 9/14/08 6:08 girlplease:

    Congratulations at being a mom.

    But please don’t put her in these:


  • 9/29/08 15:47 ducati fairings:

    Oh… what a cute bunny.


  • 10/14/08 0:23 Prismas Basalticos:

    You have a very lovely and cute little pet. I showed it to my little daughter and she asked me to get her a bunny just like yours smile

    -M from Mexico


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