An Environment in Which Man and Fish Can Co-Exist Peacefully

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

I hit up Petco and bought some fish this weekend. Bettas, specifically.  When I lived in Dallas, I had several bettas over the years… up to three at once, I think.  I really like how tropical they look and low maintenance they are. 

As you may know, bettas are Siamese fighting fish, so you can only have one in the container at a time or they’ll tear it up.  You can have a male/female combo, but only under certain circumstances. They pretty much tear it up, too.  The males are the most commonly owned and the most “fancy”.

So, it became a tradition to name my pretty, fabulous, colorful, fancy male fish names that suit such fierceness:  Nelly, Mary, Nancy, Mark, Rick and Steve. I stopped short of giving them track lighting.  (And if you laugh at that, you are so my people. Come over and we’ll have ‘armadilla cake’.)

My New Nameless FishAnyway, I’ve got them on opposite sides of the living room.  One is your standard betta. He’s primarily turquoise and pink with some red bits and speckly white bits. It really depends from which direction you’re viewing and if he’s stumbled into some dramatic backlighting.

The other is a delta-tail betta which have shorter, rounded-but-fluffier, guppy-like tails. Like a ruffly fan. They don’t seem to be as bold in color… at least from the selection I saw, but they’re beautiful nonetheless. This one is kind of a gray-blue color.  Saturated, but not bright if that makes sense. My New Nameless FishHis colors are more subtle, changing to a deep midnight blue, almost charcoal color.  He’s not as swimmy as the other guy, but I think it may be because I don’t have much in his bowl yet, just some glass stones in the bottom.  Usually, they like a simple plant or something for interest so they can hide in it or around it.  Otherwise, they just swim or lie on the smooth stones on the bottom.  Not very exciting… at least the first guy has an Easter Island dude to keep him company.

I keep calling them the first guy and the second guy because I don’t have names for them yet. I’m kind of at a loss. What am I left with? Patsy and Edina? Captain and Tennille? Gilbert and Sullivan? Martini and Rossi?

My New Nameless Fish My New Nameless Fish

Got any ideas for two-some names?  Help a girl out. My fish need names!  cheese

  • 4/16/08 9:24 Gry:

    Jay and silent Bob!

    That’s my vote…


  • 4/16/08 10:49 Kathy:

    Bruce and Terrance?  Blaise and Dennis? or how about …. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka?  :D


  • 4/16/08 10:51 Heather:

    Clarence and Thomas?

    Bert and Ernie?

    Thelma and Louise?

    Bob and Rhonda?

    Fred and Barney?

    Esther and Gertrude?


  • 4/16/08 10:55 patricia:

    pinky, the brain

    curly, moe

    heidi, tim


  • 4/16/08 11:16 Joelle:

    Ok, these two are completely unrelated, but the two top ones for me right now are:  “Neil Patrick Harris” and “Hashbrown”


  • 4/16/08 11:48 Deltus:

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


    Waldorf and Stadler!!!


  • 4/16/08 12:25 the slackmistress:

    LOVE Waldorf & Statler.  Also:

    Starksy & Hutch

    Peaches & Herb

    Terrence & Philip

    or… HAROLD & KUMAR!


  • 4/16/08 12:46 Joelle:

    Statler and Waldorf are my favorite Muppets.  Followed by the Prawn.


  • 4/16/08 14:22 Heather:

    Joel and Ethan


  • 4/16/08 15:25 sophie:

    Fred and Ginger

    Lucy and RIcky

    Anthony and Cleopatra

    In my family we called my stepbrothers Frick and Frack, but I don’t know where they came from.


  • 4/16/08 15:50 Kari:

    Hi there…long time reader, first time responder!  You had me at “armadilla cake” so I had to respond.  That said, even though it’s not gender correct – how can you not name them Ouiser and Clairee?  If you would rather name them after the finer male characters, how about Drum and Jackson?

    Just a thought… smile


  • 4/16/08 19:12 daniel:

    Celine and Cher??

    Reichen and Lance?

    Paula and Randy?

    *gives up*


  • 4/16/08 20:39 BJ:

    Fred and Ethel

    Sammy and Dean

    Flip and Flop

    Tom and Jerry

    Mutt and Jeff

    Boris and Natasha

    Rocky and Bullwinkle

    Scooby and Shaggy

    I’m sensing a cartoon theme starting here….sorry.  *shrugs*


  • 4/17/08 2:07 Darren:

    My contribution—for some reason, this was fun for me.  Someone save me from my life !!

    Milli & Vanilli

    Broke & Back

    Jimmy (Kimmel) & Ben (Affleck)

    Hall & Oates

    Gilligan & Skipper… for that matter, Ginger & Mary Anne

    John & Yoko

    Ike & Tina

    Butch & Sundance

    Lenny & Squiggy

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Itchy & Scratchy

    Gin & Tonic

    Moby & Dick

    Samson & Delilah

    Fred & Wilma

    Mac & Cheese

    Bo & Luke

    Englebert & Humperdinck

    Popeye & Olive Oyl


  • 4/17/08 2:28 girlplease:

    Asti and Spumanti

    Ass and Hole (sorry, had to do it)

    Harold and Kumar


  • 4/17/08 4:29 Imechoman:

    Beavis & Butthead

    Rock & Roll

    Moxie & Moe

    Powder & Puff

    (Enough with the alliteration)

    Richie & The Fonz

    Sandy & Diego


  • 4/17/08 4:47 geeky:

    Sigfried and Roy


  • 4/17/08 5:47 Joelle:

    OMG.  I went to bed last night with two faves in my head and now… oh, I don’t know! There are so many good ones.

    @Kari:  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Brilliant suggestion!  *adds to the short list*

    @geeky: Sigfried and Roy is pretty good, too!  Nothin’ says ‘fancy male’ like Sigfried and Roy!

    @Darren:  Hall & Oates made me just laugh out loud. I LOVE HALL & OATES!  Also, brilliant!!


  • 4/17/08 6:12 amy t.:

    I’m going with Ace and Gary… The Ambiguously Gay Duo.


  • 4/17/08 6:49 KC:

    Rick Astly & Regis Philbin (I don’t know why – but I like it)

    Bob Barker & Rod Roddy (Come on Down!)

    Bill & Ted (Excellent)

    Wayne and Garth (Party On!)

    Corey Haim & Corey Feldman (2 Coreys!)

    Good luck – let us know what you decide!


  • 4/17/08 7:15 Deltus:

    Brian and Stewie.


  • 4/17/08 7:32 Amy in MN:

    Will the Armadilla cake be blood red velvet?

    And will the surrounding blush and bashful pink?


  • 4/17/08 8:43 Ms. Pants:

    Harold and Kumar was my first thought too.

    Followed by Sushi and Sashimi.


  • 4/17/08 8:47 Joelle:

    @daniel: you give UP?  well, you’re just not the gay I thought you were!  hehehe. I kid, I kid. wink

    @Amy in MN: with gray icin’!


  • 4/17/08 11:55 Tina:

    I had a few suggestions but after reading these, I can’t think of what they were! I’m too wrapped up in these brilliant suggestions! HA!


  • 4/17/08 12:13 Daniel:

    I suggest Walker and Texas Ranger


  • 4/18/08 3:59 Manic Witch:

    Damn-Someone took my Hall & Oats.


    Scotch & Soda

    Cream and sugar

    Soap and Water

    Tick and Tock

    Daffy and Bugs

    Hi and Lois (very old comic strip)

    Blondie and Dagwood

    Mickey and Minnie

    Donald and Daisy

    Sonny and Cher

    Donny and Marie

    I think I’m done for now.


  • 9/21/08 10:02 fish:

    I thought it would be easy to recommend some fish names.. I was wrong but heres what I got.

    mocha and chino

    oreo and cookie

    Ariel and Sebastin or Flounder Plush


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